Julia. 16. Boston. Aspiring for the jumpers ring with my 16hh OTTB mare. @0ttb on instagram.

Credit to TEB Photography.

Credit to TEB Photography.



Anonymous asked: I'm going to adopt a 6 yr old ottb from a rescue, I'm seeing him tomorrow. What is your experience with your ottb. How old was he/she when you got her? Thanks!

I was surprised with my own horse so I can’t help you much there… I am very big on ground manners! Are they happy? Cranky? Nippy? Tail swishing? How are they being groomed? Then get to the riding. Make sure you can see yourself being able to work on yourself while also working with the horse. 6 is pretty young; be sure that you are ready for such a green and youthful horse. 100% before you adopt…. get that horse vetted! Nothing worse than being stuck with a lame horse.

stresseddepressedequestrian asked: you're pretty cool

i guess you’re alright~~~

Anonymous asked: you're a wonderful person bye


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